Dagan-Optics Ltd. is a Hi-Tech company for the development, production & supply of innovative Electro-Optical systems based on Thermal Imaging and electro-optical solutions for Defence, Homeland Security (HLS), Law-Enforcement, Public Safety (Fire-Fighters, Etc.) and Search & Rescue markets.

The company’s products are based on its in-house developed thermal Imaging & signal processing Chip (COC-ASIC). The company’s product lines include multi-sensor systems, thermal cameras, thermal binoculars & goggles, and thermal imaging helmets for firefighters, including image fusion.

The thermal imaging technology of Dagan-Optics has proven itself on the battlefield and in the commercial markets and has gained a reputation and recognition for the uniqueness of its performance by customers in Israel and around the world.

Dagan-Optics invests its resources in Design and R&D (Research & Development) and is also supported by the Israel Chief Scientist (The Israel Innovation Authority) for new lines of products & Systems to maintain its technological and design leadership.

Dagan-Optics is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology in the field of thermal imaging and to lead in providing Target Acquisition Solutions and Intelligent Visual Information solutions for the Defence & Homeland Security markets.