Company Profile

Dagan-Optics Ltd. has been at the forefront of visual information and targeting technology since 2004. A leader in the design, development, and production of innovative thermal imaging technologies and advanced electro-optical solutions, its products are used across the military, security, law enforcement, search & rescue, and commercial aviation markets.

Dagan-Optics’ thermal imaging technology is combat proven and has been acknowledged for its superior performance by the Israel Defence Forces. Built around a core technology of un-cooled thermal imaging and image processing, the company’s wide range of state-of-the-art targeting and visual information solutions cover day, night, low visibility, and all weather conditions. Products can be easily customized and integrated into a variety of systems or operated as stand-alone units.

The company invests extensively in R&D to develop breakthrough technologies and constantly improve its products while maintaining strict QA and environmental policies.

Product lines include:

Multi-sensor sights and targeting systems

Fire control systems

Hand-held and vehicle mounted thermal imaging cameras

Miniature smart analytics thermal security cameras

Hand-held thermal goggles and scopes

CCD cameras

Thermal cores

Border and strategic infrastructure monitoring solutions

Thermal vision helmets for fire fighters and search & rescue units

Thermal sensors

Thermal lenses and binoculars