Coloring Demo Driving

Senso-Optics Awarded Contracts to Supply Advanced Uncooled ASIC thermal imaging MonoScope – X-See for two key customers
September 10, 2014
Coloring Demo Driving

Coloring Demo Driving

Watch our X-LITE COC 646X480X17 in action.

The video is in pseudo coloring. A pseudocolor image (sometimes styled pseudo-color or pseudo color) is derived from a grayscale image by mapping each intensity value to a color according to a table or function. Pseudo color is typically used when a single channel of data is available (e.g. temperature, elevation, soil composition, tissue type, and so on), in contrast to false color which is commonly used to display three channels of data.


Coloring Demo Driving from Senso Optics on Vimeo.

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