Shanny X20i

Shanny X20i: Rugged Motorized continuous Zoom Day Color Camera / Sight

SHANNY-X20i is a rugged, nitrogen sealed day



color camera or sight, remotely controlled via
COM or discrete, with X20 continuous motorized
optical Zoom, motorized Focus and Auto-Shutter.

Designed for military, homeland security (HLS),
Search and Rescue scenarios where high quality
image and reliable continuous operation are
required in harsh environment.


  • Continuous reticule bore-sight & Retention
  • Rugged for Harsh operations conditions (-30ºC)
  • Superior resolution ranges

Continuous reticule bore-sight

In military operations, SHANNY-X20i serves as a



day sight for remote controlled gun systems when
used in conjunction with a fire control unit.

SHANNY-X20i high resolution zoom lens continuously
retains accurate bore-sight alignment along
the zoom range within 0.3mRad.

SHANNY-X20i camera is especially advantageous in
military applications where direct aiming of gun is
required. It is fully compliant with MIL-STD810 and
is nitrogen-filled and sealed to IP-67.

HLS monitoring applications

As a remotely operated surveillance camera,
SHANNY-X20i is extremely effective for border
control, airport, prison or bank security, as well
as for strategic infrastructure monitoring

Optics Sensor 1/3″ Color CCD, 0.1 lux sensitivity @ F#/1.2
Effective Resolution / Number of Pixels 450 TLV / 795X596
Video format PAL or NTSC
Optical zoom X20 Lens 10 ÷ 200mm
Field of Views (FOVs) Wide 27º X 20ºNarrow 1.4º X 1º
General Dimensions W = Ø150mm X H = 120mm X L = 300mm
Weight <2500gr
Environmental Standards MIL-STD-810 (e.g. -30ºC temp. operation)IP-67 sealed & Nitrogen filled