Security Systems

Day/Night All-Weather Security Camera

FuSee is a remote
surveillance system comprising of a thermal (FIR), a CMOS camera and an embedded computer capable of performing advanced analytics on-board. 
It performs analytics such as vehicle and pedestrian detection and tracking, while streaming the results (video + alerts) via wired or wireless LAN. 
In addition, FuSee produces on-board fusion between the thermal and the Day (CMOS) channels, providing several display modes.


X-FUSE is an advanced new generation of VIS/IR Fusion Camera, based on Senso-Optics’ “Camera-On-Chip” (ASIC) technology.

X-FUSE provides a VGA (640X480) resolution high quality image in all weather conditions within a small Size, Lightweight And Low-Power (SWAP) with extended operating time and more special features.

X-FUSE offers several Fusion Modalities between thermal imaging and CMOS cameras (e.g. Blending Control, Light-Source marking, See-through glass, etc.)



  • Defense markets
  • Border & Costal Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement Monitoring
  • Smart / Safe City
  • Port & wharfs.
  • Search and rescue
  • Key Infrastructure
  • All weather, Day & Night Public safety in special events (e.g. Olympic Games, etc.)

Specialists in thermal imaging and video analytics, Dagan-Optics have the base building blocks to become a leader in the new era of smart security market.

CCTV technology is developing rapidly parallel to the growing demand, because the threats are growing and there is a need to cover more areas with better resolution. In order to implement a complete security system, it is required to detect and recognize targets 24/7, in All-Weather conditions, with an additional spectrum, the FIR thermal imaging spectrum. In the past this technology was expensive and large, but today, the trend is a drastic reduction in costs, miniaturization and dramatic improvement in image quality, based on Image-Processing.
Senso-Optics’ Intelligent Security Thermal imaging Solutions resolve the gap of cameras quantity growth where, as always, the human’s skill are limited. So market need a smart imaging system that “calls” the guards to watch and response when there is a real event and he doesn’t need to stare all the time in multiple screens. The need is for autonomous, day/night/All-weather, 24/7 detection capabilities with low false-alarm-rates (FAR) for virtual fences, large area surveillance coverage, long lines, etc. It is preferred to make the analytic process inside the camera, in order to reduce the bandwidth and the flow of information communications infrastructure.
Senso-Optics offers to the security market a family of products that bring totally passive, regardless of lighting condition a vision of an effective intelligent Security thermal solution. The cameras are robust, modular, miniature and combine “Built-In” Intelligent Analytic Algorithm.
In the next models, we will include, according to customer’s needs, thermal imaging and a CCTV camera, very sensitive at low light (NIR), with full fusion,   E-O fusion ability is now available by Senso-Optics!

The “Swiss-Cheese Holes” effect:

Pint on too many gaps in the security array is a huge opportunity for thermal imaging technology to catch a market share. Unlike the military market, the HLS market needs to learn about thermal imaging advantages, especially the un-cool sector that can offer an excellent cost-effective solution.
A deep study of Senso-Optics competitors brings to conclusion that the segment of miniature “Built-In” Intelligent Analytic thermal imaging systems is new and fast growing. This is a time windows for penetration approach forward beside and/or instead of CCTV systems. Senso-Optics may become a leader in the Intelligent Thermal imaging sector.

The market forecast shows that affordable thermal cameras with VGA resolution will be sold in large scale of quantities. In order to do so, Senso-Optics needs to prepare for a mass production.
After a long experience in the defense sector, now is the time to move forward toward a new challenge. A deep market research of global market and consulting with the best experts in the field, we understand that the Homeland Security and the public safety sectors are the markets with the best potential for Senso-Optics.

Together with accumulated knowledge in thermal imaging technology, video analytics and production capabilities, Senso-Optics offer the Security & HLS markets innovative products with attractive price tag in the coming years.