Thermal Vision Helmet

Thermal Vision Helmet - Helmet-mounted, thermal imaging camera for fire fighting, military, and search and rescue missions.

The Thermal Vision Helmet provides the best image available today for use in the harshest conditions. Vision under Extreme Conditions Whether it’s fighting fires, night combat or riot control, the conditions 

in the line of duty are unpredictable, challenging, and downright tough. In these situations, vision is often impaired by darkness, smoke and fire. Combatants require the ability to see clearly, while maintaining full use of their hands. The Thermal Vision Helmet is a helmet-mounted, uncooled thermal imaging camera that offers hands-free, superior vision in the harshest conditions. Perfect for military, paramilitary and search and rescue missions, the Thermal Vision Helmet advanced thermal image processing technology makes it possible for the user to see through fire, smoke and fog. Fire fighters especially benefit from the camera’s unique Dynamic Range Comparison algorithm, developed by Senso-Optics, making it possible to detect a person trapped behind raging flames. Efficient Design for Intense Operations The ergonomic design of the helmet provides enhanced stability for the user. The weight of its different components is distributed more evenly than in similar helmets of its kind and the battery, hidden away from external elements supplies more than 5 hours of operating time. The Thermal Vision Helmet’s compact eyepiece, attached to the helmet, can be moved from eye to eye or flipped up when not required. The option of an external, remote display of video, transmitted back to the team commander, is also available.



  • Unmatched visibility through flames and smoke
  • Hands-free operation
  • Long-lasting power supply
  • Exceptionally durable in harsh conditions
  • Ergonomic design

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