HHTI: Hand-Held Thermal Imaging

HHTI - X6 Thermal Continuous optical Zoom Camera

Dagan-Optics introduces the HHTI – an hand held, binocular, uncooled thermal imaging camera that provides continuous or fixed optical zoom with excellent detection capabilities for any long range, day/nighttime scenario. Designed for use by military, police or security units, the HHTI with its special features makes it possible for the user to follow dynamic events at longer distances with better, more highly detailed images.



  • Vivid and highly explicit Real-Time Video Stream
  • Enhanced target detection
  • Versatile for multiple applications
  • Fast and flexible customization
  • Long lasting power supply
  • User-friendly interface (GUI).

Innovative Features The HHTI is equipped with a 24-144 mm zoom lens and the X-Lite 17 μm thermal imaging engine, as well as unique thermal imaging algorithms and a silent NUC mechanism; all developed by Senso Optics and all contributing to this camera’s competitive edge over similar night vision solutions. Other features include a user-friendly interface (GUI), a long-lasting battery and built-in DSP chip for easy customization.