Thermal Camera Core

X-LITE COC - ASIC based miniature thermal imaging sensor

World’s first Thermal ASIC (“Camera On Chip”)

X-LITE COC core is based on Senso-Optics’ world’s first Thermal ASIC (65 nano technology) and produces un-matched image quality.

It is compatible today with SCD & ULIS detectors, but with proper proxy card may be compatible with other detectors as well.

This Core, as a Stand-Alone device, is supporting a full thermal camera features and other military & commercial applications (e.g. lens focus, zoom & shutter drivers, batteries power, Blue tooth, OLEDs, etc.).

X-LITE COC is a TEC-Less & shutterless core, a Solid-State solution  with no moving parts.



  • High-Resolution - 640×480, 17μm pixel pitch
  • Hi-Sensitive – NEDT≤32mK (@ f#=1)
  • Light weight – <100gr (Sensor only).
  • Start-Up time – <3 seconds
  • Power Consumption – < 1 Watt
  • Miniature Sensor Size – only 38X34X41mm


X-LITE COC is an uncooled miniature thermal sensor, compact in size and low-Weight.

X-LITE COC utilizes an Hi-Resolution and Hi-Sensitive VOx Micro-bolometer detector with 640×480,17μ pixels, generates sharp and clear images which resulted in better DRI (Detection, Recognition & Identification) capabilities, and enables the user to see clearly and farther in total darkness.

X-LITE COC is equipped with Smart Algorithm, e.g. Anti-Blooming, time & spatial de-noise, Dynamic Range Compression, High detailing (HD) Clatinex™ algorithm for local contrast enhancement, digital zoom, lens’ zoom, focus & shutter control drivers, polarity, and more.



X-LITE COC utilizes HS (High-Sensitive) VOx detector with NETD ≤ 32mk@F#/1, generates unmatched image quality instantly from “Power-On”.

X-LITE COC gives customers such as military personnel, Search & Rescue teams, law enforcement officers, HLS and security teams, the information needed for critical decisions, maximizes operation capabilities, enhances mission effectiveness and improves safety.