Customized OEM Thermal cores

Customized OEM Thermal cores

Applying its own high degree of excellence, Senso Optics employs its top-level engineers in providing customized OEM services to both military and civilian industries. All of our OEM solutions are designed, tested and produced in-house and are supplied to the customer with OEM certification that meets rigid international military, industrial and environmental standards.

Senso Optics’ previously certified OEM services include:

  • Aiming devices for a wide range of mortars
  • Electro-optic subsystems for medical applications

In addition, Senso Optics supplies a wide range of R&D and engineering services:

  • Electro-optical, mechanical/opto-mechanical and optical design
  • Calibration, alignment and testing of multi-sensor systems
  • Design of dynamic impact absorbers for gun sighting systems
  • Optical assembly and calibration